A homecare service in Ivybridge...

Homecare in Ivybridge


Simply Caring provide care and support in the community to enable people to live independently in their own homes.

Our service can be provided on a temporary or a long term basis to meet all your personal care and social needs.

You may need assistance with some or all of the following services we provide including;

  • Personal Care; assistance with washing, dressing and general hygiene.
  • Prompting medication; we can simply prompt medication or administer prescribed medication from a ‘Bubble Pack’.
  • Meal preparations, to ensure a balanced diet is maintained, carers can assist with prepping food, heating a meal through to making a meal from scratch, or just leaving a sandwich for the client to eat later.
  • Manual Handling assistance, including getting in and out of bed.
  • Night Sleeps, someone to be on site for safety or if assistance is required during the night.
  • Escort service to appointments where assistance is required.
  • Domestic duties, such as cleaning and washing.
  • Shopping, either accompanied or equally as happy to do the shopping on the clients behalf.
  • Companionship; for when a friendly face is all that is needed.
  • Rehabilitation; especially useful after a prolonged stay in hospital to provide support and assistance to enable the client to ‘settle’ back into daily living tasks back at home.

Simply Caring also participate in the Devon Carer’s Link “Take a Break Scheme” offering a sitting service to allow Carer’s and relatives the opportunity to take a well earned rest.

After an initial enquiry, Simply Caring’s Senior Carer will make a visit to you in your own home to discuss and agree between you a package of care based upon your individual needs and requirements. This will enable us to customise the care and support you require.

Once an assessment has been carried out and agreed, a start date will be arranged. We will then provide you with a Carer or Carer’s to deliver your individual package of care, giving you the opportunity to get to know your Carer personally and form a professional relationship.